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Extension Courses In Downtown Oakland

UC Berkeley Extension is offering 15 evening and daytime courses this fall in Oakland's City Center, including classes in business and management, languages, computer information systems and English as a second language.

The classes will be held at 1333 Broadway, Plaza Level--"A great location," says Connie Cramer, coordinator of Extension's Oakland program. "It's close to BART, shops, restaurants and, most importantly, to where many people work."

Extension is a founding member of the Oakland City Center Higher Education Consortium, a group of Bay Area adult education institutions working to bring expanded educational opportunities to downtown Oakland.

For a brochure describing the Oakland classes or a fall catalog with complete Bay Area course listings, call 642-4111.

Ebersole Advances

John Ebersole, former chair of UC Berkeley Extension's Department of Continuing Education in Business and Management, has been appointed assistant dean.

Ebersole will oversee a new division that includes business and management and the Strategic Initiatives Group, including Berkeley Worldwide, Berkeley Nationwide and the Berkeley Partnership for Professional Development.

Ebersole has been with Extension since 1991. Under his leadership, the business and management department has grown from $1.9 million to $8 million in revenues.

While Extension's traditional market has been the Bay Area public, its international, national and contract courses have grown dramatically under Ebersole.

Visit a Moon Rock

Visitors to Lawrence Hall of Science can view an actual moon rock, the size of a baseball, through Sept. 10. The 88-gram rock, which was collected by Apollo 16 astronaut Charles Duke in 1972, is part of an exhibit that includes "SpaceTV," a multi-media presentation from NASA; and "Electric Space," a hands-on exploration of plasma, the high-energy matter that space is made of. For information, call 642-5132.


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