Awards and Honors

Alex Takaoka, right, a 12-year veteran with UCPD, was one of 7,000 police and firefighters who competed earlier this year at the World Police and Fire Games in Melbourne, Australia. He came home with six medals, including a gold in high power rifle shooting and others for small bore rifle shooting.

The only competitor from Berkeley, Takaoka paid all expenses himself. It was worth it, he said."There were 65,000 spectators. When they stood up to cheer, it was an awesome experience."

In the '95 California Police Summer Games held in Modesto, UCPD representatives won more medals. Makeba Moore lead the way with two gold medals in bodybuilding, John Lechmanik got a silver for small bore rifle and Adan Tejada a silver for action pistol.

Tony Quan won a bronze medal for small bore rifle. Bronze medals also went to the action pistol and PPC pistol teams of Alex Takaoka, Frank Jacques, Eric Tejada and Adan Tejada.

Andrew Gelman, assistant professor of statistics, received the 1995 American Political Science Association's Heinz Eulau Award for his article "Enhancing Democracy Through Legislative Redistricting," written with Harvard professor Gary King. The article was deemed the best published last year in "The American Political Science Review." Gelman notes that two years ago, he and King received the Pi Sigma Alpha Award for the best paper published at the Midwest Political Science Association meeting; and last fall he received a National Science Foundation Young Investigator Award for statistics research.

UCB Extension's Marketing and Public Relations Department is the winner of eight awards for excellence in marketing and promotion, presented by the National University Continuing Education Association. Staff members involved include Richard Pauley, department director; Ron Addad, design director; and Alice Boatwright, media and public relations director. Editorial direction was provided by Jean Day and Michael Fullerton.


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