Waste Facility Will Be Built at Callaghan Site

The central campus will be the site of a new hazardous waste handling facility following UC Regents' approval on Sept. 14 of the environmental impact report.

The proposed facility on the site of Callaghan Hall in the southwest corner of campus will replace the antiquated Canyon Chemical Facility on Centennial Drive.

The facility handles chemical and low-level radioactive wastes generated by the campus.

With environmental and design approval, the campus will now seek funding from the state Legislature. "We are hoping to be under construction by summer of 1997," said Michael Dobbins, director of physical and environmental planning.

The campus originally focused rebuilding on the current hill site, with the Callaghan site one of two alternatives. But nearby residents and some Berkeley city officials objected to building a facility in the hill area.

"The analysis in the original EIR found the Callaghan Hall site could be as feasible as the hill site," said Dobbins.

Taking into consideration several factors, including community sentiment, the campus then made the decision to make an in depth analysis of it and found it to be the best site.

Dobbins said the regents' approval marked "a successful conclusion to a difficult problem," adding that there are still many steps to be taken before the facility is built.


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