Private Sector to Advise UC on Cost-cutting

Vowing to find ways to cut costs and increase productivity throughout the system, UC President Richard C. Atkinson said he will seek out California business leaders, UC faculty and staff to review the effectiveness of the Office of the President.

In a letter to the UC Regents, chancellors and laboratory directors, he said he would be seeking their "recommendations regarding individuals from the private sector who can assist our task force."

"There is no question in my mind that we are all working more effectively now than ever before, and I applaud your efforts. But I also believe that we must continue to seek ways to improve the way we carry out our responsibilities," Atkinson said in another message to the campuses.

The charge to the task force will be to:

* Evaluate the appropriateness of the current level of expenses.

* Identify particular functions that may need restructuring and reform.

* Determine if the present allocation of responsibilities between the Office of the President and the campuses is appropriate.


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