Distinguished Service Awards to Honor Individuals, Teams

The 1995-96 Distinguished Service Awards Program is scheduled for spring 1996.

This year's program will recognize individuals and teams for either one-time significant contributions or achievements or sustained outstanding performance.

Employees should be of career or long-term casual employment status (12 months or longer) to be eligible. Awards will be presented as cash or job mastery awards.

The program is scheduled for the spring to allow completion of the "Working in Teams" workshop series currently being presented to managers and supervisors by the Berkeley campus Personnel Office.

To prepare for this movement toward teamwork, the Personnel Office developed the teamwork series to help supervisors and managers learn more about defining and using teams, leading teams, participating in teams and motivating teams.

An additional session, "Managing and Rewarding Teams," will be offered in late January. Supervisors and managers are encouraged to attend.

Employee Development and Training also will offer a three-part workshop for managers and supervisors, "Tools for Building Effective Teams." Call 642-8134 for more information.

Further details regarding guidelines and implementation of the Distinguished Service Awards program will be published as soon as they are available. Employees should check with their supervisors for details when the program is formally announced.


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