On the Subject of Trash


I've been acting upon the following New Year's resolution for almost a month now, and heartily recommend it to others: Every day, I pick up one piece of litter and dispose of it properly.

When at work, this means one less piece of trash on the Cal campus. When at home, this makes my neighborhood cleaner.

Net result: the world is a little prettier, I feel better about myself and my environment, and I'm not just bottling up annoyance at litter that I used to pass by.

Try it! It works so well and is so easy. This could even become a campus campaign in which we support each other's efforts to "Lift a Little Litter."

One word of caution: Keep your back straight and bend from the knees, not from the waist.

Jessea Greenman

Environmental Sciences,

Policy and Management

Undergraduate Services Office


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