A Better Way to Send Campus Bulk Mailings

Two of the most common complaints received by Mail Services are about mail addressed to individuals who no longer are in the department, and large campus "junk" mailings that are individually addressed and must be hand sorted to individual faculty and staff in the department.

In response to this, Mail Services is introducing Campus Bulk Distribution Service. It is designed to deliver bulk campus mailings--those that are directed to a large number of employees without the need for individual addresses.

For the department sending a mailing, the new service is less expensive, more accurate, quicker and easier to arrange. For departments receiving the mailing, it can be sorted and distributed much faster and with much less staff effort.

The Campus Bulk Distribution Service options include sending a mailing to all student employees in Undergraduate Affairs, to all career staff in Business and Administrative Services and University Relations, to all A&PS and MAP employees on campus, to all faculty or to almost any combination of staff and units.

The service is especially useful for announcements and promotions, which comprise the majority of these mailings.

For a brochure describing the Bulk Campus Distribution Service or for more information, contact Bulk Mail Supervisor Roger Hefty at 643-MAIL or rhefty@uclink3.


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