Mail Web Page: Information at Your Fingertips

Mail Services has established a World Wide Web site to provide campus departments and customers with information about its services.

"We've made a great effort to ensure that our web site has all the most commonly requested information, and that it's easy to use," said Bill McCart, director of Mail Services. "We've also set up links to several related web sites including the postal service pages, where customers can easily look up postage rates, ZIP+4 codes and other information."

Some of the information on Mail Services' web site now--or coming soon--includes:

* Detailed descriptions of all services, including policies and procedures

* Recharge rates and service standards

* Routines to quickly look up mail codes for individuals or departments

* Campus addressing standards

* The location of on-campus mail boxes, including USPS mail boxes

Most of this information can be printed out, making it easy to circulate mail-related information.

In addition, Mail Services has developed several on-line forms enabling customers to request information and services, such as reporting a department move or name change.

"We plan to make extensive use of our web site in the future," says McCart. "We hope that it will become the principal means of disseminating information to departments and a major way for departments to communicate their needs to us."


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