Lustig Named Health Service Director

Steve Lustig has been named executive director of the University Health Services. He has been at the service for 14 years, and was appointed interim director a year and a half ago. He was the service's project manager for the design and construction of the Tang Center.

He was also instrumental in the development of the service into a comprehensive community health service, including the sports medicine program for intercollegiate athletics, the integration of Workers Compensation and Vocational Rehabilitation into the Occupational Health Program, and the self funded student health insurance program which, with on-campus services, provides a comprehensive health care plan to students.

He earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from Berkeley and has been on anthropology faculties here and at Sonoma State University.

Lustig has been project director for stress research projects on the campus under National Institute of Aging and National Cancer Institute grants. He has served more than eight years on the Berkeley School Board, including two terms as president, and is currently on the boards of the Berkeley High School Health Center and Stiles Hall.


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