Passwords to Be Required For Campus Modem Access

Starting June 4, Berkeley students, staff and faculty who use one of the four general access modem lines to reach the campus network will need a "Home IP account" and password when they dial in.

Faculty Modem Service users who use the 643-2327 phone number and Recharge Modem Service users who call in on 643-0221 will not be affected. These services already require Home IP accounts and passwords.

Three public user names--ucb-library, infocal, and home-ip--will not require a password, but they will connect only to special-purpose, limited-use systems.

All UC faculty and Berkeley campus staff and students will continue to have access when using their password but modem access will no longer be available to other users.

The new policy was developed in an effort to improve campus network security and better manage the limited number of modems.

The new policy affects all those who call on 643-9600, 643-0165, 642-6092 or 642-7400.

The new modem policy is described in detail on the web at

You can get a Home IP account in two ways. One is to connect to the Berkeley Internet Link at The other is to use telnet to connect to, logging in as home-ip.

If you need assistance with these changes, contact IST's consulting office, 264 Evans Hall, drmicro@, 642-8899. n


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