AIDS Rider's Return

Academic Program Coordinator Chris Murchison, who participated in the California AIDS Ride June 2-8, is back safe and sound and "with relatively few achy muscles." (See Feb. 21 Berkeleyan.)

"We arrived in Los Angeles June 8 after seven days of riding in hot, hot weather," he reports.

"The ride was quite an incredible experience. Our days were typically long--75 to 90 miles each day. The first two days were OK, since they approximated the training I had done weekends."

But the third day was a challenge. A 90-mile day with temperatures of 110. "By the fourth day, I was beginning to wonder if the ride was ever going to end. By the sixth day I was sad that the ride was going to end. I think on that day I realized the uniqueness of the event and its effect on me and my spirit.

Murchison raised just under $12,000 and is considering doing the ride again next year.

Or...You Can Walk

Signups are still open for AIDS Walk San Francisco. The annual fund-raiser will take place July 21 in Golden Gate Park on a 10K route. To volunteer or to register, contact Eric Zarate at 643-6781 or ericz@uclink2.

An Ancestral Shield

Georgia Dupoint, above, was among some 25 Kiowa Indians who drove from Oklahoma to Berkeley this summer for a ceremony with a shield at the Phoebe Apperson Hearst Museum of Anthropology.

The feathered, buckskin shield, decorated with a crane's head and believed to be more than 200 years old, belonged to the Kiowa war chief Satanta.

Berkeley anthropologist Alfred Kroeber acquired the shield in the early 1900s from Army Capt. Hugh Lenox Scott, who had been willed it in 1894 by Satanta's son.

UCRS Election Results

Patricia E. Erickson, senior human resources specialist at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, has been re-elected to the non-Academic Senate seat of the UC Retirement System board. Her four-year term runs through June 30, 2000.

The board advises the UC president on the UCRS plans. These plans--the UC Retirement Plan, Defined Contribution Plan and Tax-Deferred 403(b) Plan--hold assets of over $23 billion and represent over 165,000 UCRS members.

The nine-member board includes an officer of the university appointed by the president; three persons appointed by the president, the regents treasurer or the treasurer's designee; two selected by the Academic Senate from the nine campuses; and two elected by active members of UCRP not in the Academic Senate.

Calapa What?

"Calapalooza," sponsored by Residential and Family Living to introduce new students to the Berkeley community, will be held Wednesday, Aug. 21, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Underhill Parking Lot.

This event gives students an opportunity to make connections with campus and community organizations. Campus units that wish to participate may contact Aaron Anderson at 642-3108 or email adander@uclink2 to reserve a table or obtain more information. The deadline is July 23.

Last year's event drew close to 2,500 new students and nearly 30 campus and student organizations had information tables.

Del Junco Regents Chair

Tirso del Junco, a Los Angeles surgeon and long-time member of the Board of Regents, was elected chair of the governing board June 21. The regents, meeting in San Francisco, also elected Meredith J. Khachigian as vice chair. Both will serve for one-year terms beginning July 1. A regent since 1985, del Junco succeeds Regent Clair Burgener as chair of the 26-member board. Del Junco has served on all seven of the regents' standing committees.

Caller ID Blocking

On July 8 Pacific Bell implemented caller ID blocking in California. Interim Telecommunications Director Marv Eckard has confirmed that as of that date, all campus requests for complete blocking had been processed by Pacific Bell. Transmission of the phone number on those lines will only be allowed if the caller dials *82 before dialing either a five-digit campus number or 9 plus an outside number. All other campus 642- and 643- phone lines include the selective blocking option. To activate blocking on selective blocking lines, users must dial *67 before dialing. If you are unsure which blocking option is on your line, dial 9-1-800-386-0000 for an automated answer. To change a blocking option, your department should submit a Telecommunications Equipment and Services Requisition form (TSO). There is now no charge to change; however, after Jan. 1, 1997, any Pacific Bell charges for changes will be passed on. With questions, contact Telecommunications Customer Relations Coordinator Judy Roberts, 2-4217, e-mail


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