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Media Cheers Fraternity's Turnaround

 With the opening of the substance-free residence hall two years ago and now the Sigma Nu fraternity banning smoking, alcohol and non-prescription drugs, Berkeley is becoming known as a leader in creating environments for responsible student living.

With the headline "Zero Bottles of Beer....," the editors of the San Francisco Chronicle joined others offering praise for the fraternity.

"UC Berkeley's Sigma Nu fraternity deserves special commendation for trying to buck a long but ignoble Greek society tradition...It should be a signal to other fraternities and sororities to follow suit...," said the Chronicle.

It concluded, "It should be respectable -- and even cool -- to openly resist an unhealthy culture that encourages drinking at its nauseating, obnoxious worst."

The Contra Costa Times titled its editorial, "Sigma Nu takes the pledge." "There'll still be partying, in appropriate out-of-frat-house places. That comes with this stage in life...," said the editorial "(but) Sigma Nu has made a mature decision to create a new and better environment for study, first, then brotherhood. Congratulations. May your example nudge others to follow."


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