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UC Will Not Offer Long Term Care Insurance

 The UC Employee Benefits plan administration has announced that UC will not sponsor a long term care insurance plan at this time.

In April, UC Benefits requested proposals for long term care insurance from 15 vendors; three vendors submitted proposals. After extensive review by UC Benefits staff, a UC advisory group and an outside project consultant, the consensus was that a plan could not be offered that would be price competitive in the current marketplace as well as responsive to the needs of the university community.

The long term care insurance plan should not be confused with the UC's current employee-paid long term disability benefits.

Long term care insurance is defined as the assistance that individuals with a chronic illness or disability need for an extended period of time to help them perform the routine activities of daily life such as bathing and dressing. Such care may be provided at home, in a residential care facility or in a skilled nursing facility.

Employee paid disability insurance, on the other hand, is an "income replacement" plan that pays a percentage of salary during a medically defined disability.

To assist employees and annuitants, UC Benefits will publish general guidelines to consider when reviewing the various options for the direct purchase of their long term care insurance.

If there are significant marketplace changes in the future, UC Benefits will reconsider the possibility of offering this coverage.


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