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The 1 Minute Berkeleyan Premieres

 Even before the first edition lit up computer screens, more than 150 online readers had subscribed to the new 1 Minute Berkeleyan, an electronic publication that delivers accurate campus news that can be read at a glance each Wednesday.

The 1 Minute Berkeleyan, launched with the fall semester, brings subscribers up to date on news and feature stories that appear in the current printed Berkeleyan. It also provides "News Flashes" from the Public Information Office and highlights big events, such as last week's enormously popular noontime poetry reading.

Reading the 1 Minute Berkeleyan should take no more than 60 seconds of your time and no more than one screen on your computer. For the full text of the stories, subscribers are directed to the Campus News and Events page on the World Wide Web.

"The 1 Minute Berkeleyan gives us a way to deliver breaking news to the campus swiftly. It also provides an opportunity to stay in contact with friends and alumni interested in news of Berkeley without the expense of printing or mailing," said Marie Felde, Berkeleyan's executive editor.

To subscribe, send email to and leave the subject line blank. In the body of the message, type this:

subscribe berkeleyan (no period).


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