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Here's What The Campus Is Offering ASUC

The campus's goals from the beginning have been to support the ASUC in remaining viable as the authorized student government for Berkeley students and to stop financial losses in the bookstore that threaten the financial health and viability of the ASUC student-side activities and support for student groups, said Vice Chancellor Horace Mitchell.

"We believe that our offer to the ASUC to rescue the insolvent store and form an operating partnership with students is not only generous, it is the best solution for the students and ensures the future of an independent student government," said Mitchell.

This is the campus's offer to the ASUC:

o A guaranteed level of financial support for the ASUC and student groups whether or not the bookstore makes an immediate profit. This funding would be in addition to the mandatory student fee funds of $650,000 to $700,000 a year.

o Relief from approximately $2.5-$3 million in debt.

o A partnership for oversight of the future business organization, with students having substantial participation, but final authority retained by the chancellor.

o Provision for the ASUC to buy back the store after five years, provided it has the financial and business capacity to do so.

o UC employment for almost all career and student employees.

"ASUC officials have suggested that the guaranteed support we offer will be of limited use to them, because the funds will come through the university.

"This is not true. These funds will still be available for support of student groups and activities without additional restrictions," said Mitchell.

"The offer we have made is extremely generous. But the ASUC did not accept it because its leaders maintain they must retain full control of the business," he said.

"We are hopeful that with the return of students, who can now review the campus's offer for themselves, ASUC leaders will reconsider, accept the campus's offer and save the student body an expensive legal battle that even if the ASUC were to win, could give them less than the campus is offering now."


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