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Campus Proposes Pilot Leave Sharing Program

Vice Chancellor Horace Mitchell has announced a proposed one-year pilot program that would allow employees to donate their accrued vacation leave or compensatory time to other employees who are dealing with serious health issues.

The proposed pilot was developed to help employees reconcile their personal responsibilities with their responsibilities as employees. Many members of the campus community have expressed a desire to help their coworkers in this way.

The one-year pilot will help campus administrators determine whether the leave transfers will work smoothly as designed. Berkeley chose a process that permits one employee to donate directly to another. Most leave-sharing programs work as a central pool to which employees donate leave.

Because this direct, person-to-person program is unusual, the campus needs time to assess its effectiveness.

The draft proposal, which contains details on eligibility for the program, the process for transferring leave, and calculation of leave for employees with different accrual rates, is being sent to deans, directors, department chairs and administrative officers.

It will also be posted on the Human Resources gopher and web site ( under News and Announcements, and copies will be available for review at Doe and Moffitt reference desks.

Comments should be sent to Alice Gregory, director of Human Resources, 207 University Hall, MC 3540. Comments must be received by Nov. 22.


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