Let Your Advice Be Heard -- Apply for CSAC

The Chancellor's Staff Advisory Committee is recruiting a few good staffers.

You won't be landing on the beaches or hurtling out of helicopters, but current members say their time on the committee has been both challenging and rewarding.

"We are there for staff to have an opportunity to effect change. As committee members we have access to the highest levels and they listen to us," said Abram Hardin, a current CSAC member and management services officer for physics.

CSAC is comprised of up to 16 staff members -- from AAs to senior analysts -- who advise the chancellor on wide-ranging campus issues.

The deadline for career staff to apply for the three-year term has been extended to the end of January. The committee will then review applications, conduct interviews and make recommendations to Vice Chancellor Horace Mitchell. The chancellor makes the appointments.

Meetings are every other Wednesday from 3 to 5 p.m. in California Hall. Release time is allowed, with supervisors' approval. But committee members say many spend additional time reading and frequently volunteer for committees.

"It provides an opportunity to see how ideas are developed and decisions are made at the highest levels," said the committee's incoming chair, Keiko Kubo.

"The process of being consulted and listened to is very affirming," said Kubo, a systems analyst at the Tang Center.

She noted that applicants from all areas of the campus are needed. Staffers in academic departments are particularly urged to apply.

"We are looking for people with a broad view of campus, not someone who simply represents a personal or department vision. We see ourselves as representatives of staff, as members of the campus community," she said.

In fact, she said, one of CSAC's goals for the coming year is to help create support for a climate where service to the campus community is recognized and valued.

She added that an ongoing goal is to have an impact before policies and positions are released. That happened recently with the new administrative vision statement delivered campuswide this month.

The committee reviewed the proposed statement and saw need for revisions. The process was slowed until those revisions could be reviewed and incorporated, said committee members.

"This is a committee in which you do have impact. It is a very trusted and confidential position. The chancellor comes to a few meetings a year and you can speak with him directly," said Trish Ratto, who is completing her three-year term.

As much as the committee is seen as a way to consult with staff, Hardin said it also functions as a conduit for staff to reach decision-makers. "We can bring issues up to the highest levels."

Among CSAC's accomplishments are the establishment of the Staff Ombuds Office, Staff Appreciation Day, staff internship program and sponsoring the annual Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Awards.

To apply for CSAC, contact Kubo at 643-5978, Hardin at 642-2241 or Eric Ellisen at 643-9719.


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