Political Pundits Analyze Presidential Performance

After trailing in the polls and suffering numerous setbacks early in his re-election campaign, Bill Clinton staged a monumental comeback and won big in November. But just three months into his second term, the President is embroiled in a scandal that finds him accused of violating campaign financing rules by using the White House to solicit contributions from donors.

How Clinton will handle this and other hot issues is the topic of a panel discussion Thursday, April 17. "The Clinton Presidency: Past, Present and Future" brings together campus experts and political writers to discuss the meaning of the 1996 election, why Democrats fared poorly in the last election, budget issues including taxes and spending cuts, domestic and foreign policy and welfare reform.

Panelists include Joe Klein, the until recently anonymous author of the best seller "Primary Colors;" Wall Street Journal columnist Paul Gigot; Susan Rasky, acting associate professor in the School of Journalism; and Nelson Polsby, director of the Institute of Governmental Studies. Gerald Lubenow, director of publications at the institute, will moderate. The program is from 8 to 10 p.m. in 2050 Valley Life Sciences Building.


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