Awards for Non-Academic Staff

Distinguished Service Awards Program Announced

This year's Distinguished Service Awards Program for non-academic staff will once again recognize both individuals and teams for either one-time significant contributions/achievements or sustained outstanding performance.

The campus pay policy committee has been working to develop employee award guidelines and is committed to broad campus input for evaluation options for future programs. Since all of these changes take time to develop, the committee recommended that the program this year be the same as last year, with a few modifications.

The campus is encouraging recognition of contributions that support Berkeley's Administrative Vision, and its statement of Principles and Values-which although only recently announced, consolidate and present principles and values that have been implicitly part of the Berkeley campus culture. Thus, it is appropriate to acknowledge those who contribute to their attainment.

Who is Eligible?

Eligible employees include non-academic, career employees, long-term casual and long-term casual/restricted employees who are covered by:

personnel policies for staff members

clerical, service, and patient care

technical contracts

staff research professional interim


police unit interim agreement

Skilled crafts and printing trades unit employees are excluded from eligibility. Eligibility for employees in the nurse and technical units is subject to bargaining.

Employees must be on payroll status as of April 30, 1997 to receive an award this year; the awards cover performance during the period from May 1, 1996 through April 30, 1997.

Campus Guidelines

This year, all awards will be granted in the form of cash payments. The control units have decided to offer standard amounts for individual and group awards across control units; the award amounts for this year are set at $2,500 for individual awards and $2,000 for members of teams. An individual may receive both a team and an individual award for different reasons.

General campus guidelines for the 1996-97 program were mailed to control units in early April. These guidelines and the eligibility criteria were written in collaboration with control unit administrators and the pay policy committee, and in accordance with the general guidelines from the Office of the President.

As in the past, the control units will develop their own guidelines for communicating about the program as well as other internal details. Units should complete payment forms for each employee receiving an award and forward with a completed worksheet report directly to payroll by June 6.

For More Information...

The campus guidelines, as well as frequently asked questions, are posted on the human resources website

These supporting materials include details that may help supervisors determine what constitutes a "significant" contribution, as well as the difference between teamwork and a team contribution and other issues related to the awards.

For information about guidelines or implementation procedures, call the compensation analyst for your department.



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