Nezar AlSayyad, associate professor of architecture and planning and chair of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, is author of "Al-Mudun Wa al-Umran," dealing with the cities and towns of early Islam. It is his fifth book and his first in Arabic.

Jere Takahashi, a lecturer in Asian American Studies and coordinator of academic student development, is author of "Nisei/Sansei: Shifting Japanese American Identities and Politics" a new book from Temple University Press.

In contrast to studies that describe an essentially linear process toward assimilation by the Japanese-American community, Takahashi develops a complex and nuanced account of Japanese-American life, showing the diversity of opinion about effective political strategy among second- and third-generation Japanese-Americans. The focus is on personal and social action, individual activists, ideological shifts within the community and generational change.

A 256-page hardback, "Nisei/Sansei" will be published in October.



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