Awards and Honors

Professor Frank A. Pitelka has been named as a Fellows' medalist by the Fellows of the California Academy of Science.

Pitelka's contributions to natural science span a wide range of subjects. He is recognized as a leading Arctic ecologist, based on his studies of animals of the Arctic tundra. His research on the evolution of reproductive strategies in woodpeckers and other birds has contributed an important understanding of such phenomena as sexual selection and competition and cooperation in breeding. In invertebrate zoology, he was a major contributor to and coeditor of the 1957 edition of Intertidal Invertebrates of the Central California Coast.

A member of the faculty since 1944, Pitelka has served in the departments of Zoology and Integrative Biology as well as on the staff of the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology. His many honors include recognition for excellence as a teacher of undergraduates.

Three chemistry faculty members were honored recently by the American Chemical Society.

Professor Graham Fleming, whose research focuses on the motion and dynamics of molecules in solution, won the Peter Debye Award for outstanding research of a theoretical or experimental nature in physical chemistry. Fleming recently joined the faculty from the University of Chicago.

Alexander Pines, who was recently awarded a Chancellor's Professorship, will receive the 1998 Langmuir Award, the society's premier award in chemical physics. Co-sponsored by the American Physical Society, which presents it in odd-numbered years, the award recognizes and encourages outstanding interdisciplinary research in chemistry and physics. Pines has made major contributions to the development and applications of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy.

Assistant professor Carolyn Bertozzi has received the 1997 Horace S. Isbell Award in Carbohydrate Chemistry, an award for excellence of contributions to carbohydrate chemistry research by persons under 41 years of age. She is particularly interested in organic synthesis with biomedical applications.

The UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive web site has received a top score in a comprehensive review of museum websites from around the world.

The survey of art museum web sites was conducted by MUSEE, a Philadelphia-based non-profit that supports cultural institutions internationally. The BAM/PFA website was one of only seven worldwide to receive a perfect score, and among these top scoring institutions, the only museum based on the West Coast.

MUSEE began its review of hundreds of museum websites by asking the question "Why go there?" Each website was judged according to its appeal and usefulness to Internet users, with marks awarded in categories such as visitor information, educational materials, research, fun/entertainment, and visual content. Overall scores were then graded, with the BAM/PFA website receiving five out of five-ranking it alongside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, and the National Museum of American Art in Washington, D.C.

The BAM/PFA website seeks to bring a comprehensive, accessible archive of information on the arts to a vast and diverse audience, creating opportunities for interactive, collaborative and interpretive projects.

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Barbara Brown, marketing coordinator for the Summer Sessions office, received an excellence in marketing award at the annual conference of the Western Association of Summer Sessions Administrators in Phoenix Sept. 27.

The award recognized Brown's "Last Minute Marketing" project, which bolstered the enrollments in several summer classes in the last few weeks before the session.



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