Web Site Offers Easy Access To Personnel Resources

by Kathleen Phillips Satz

Looking for the new campus policy on telecommuting? Want to see this week's job openings? Trying to find the form you need to write a job description?

You can find these personnel resources and more on HRWEB, the campus Human Resources Website.

Launched in mid-1996, HRWEB offers campus managers and staff employees direct access to the information, announcements and documents they need for day-to-day personnel activities.

The site has grown to more than 700 web pages, with new resources and links added weekly.

The HRWEB home page links to nine categories of information. Because Web technology allows multiple links to and from the same information, users can move back and forth among the pages to find what they need and return to the home page. The site was designed with minimal graphics, for speed and accessibility from all kinds of web browsers.

Here are some of the features available through the site:

  • In "About HR," campus employees can access a phone list of HR staff, find out what's going on with current special projects and link to other pages in the web site. The "What's New" page is the place to look for current announcements such as policy proposals, new materials available on HRWEB and the latest scoop on salary plans.
  • "Jobs at Berkeley" links to current job openings, plus information about how to apply for jobs, how to list job openings, and the Temporary Assistance Program (TAP). On the "Pay and Classification" page, users can find a link to university job specifications, title and pay plans, and pay-related announcements.
  • "Benefits," one of the most heavily used sections of HRWEB, links employees to the UCOP benefits site for information about health plans. Employees can also find announcements about current campus benefits workshops and a form to estimate their retirement benefits.
  • The "Employee Development" page links to the EDT catalog and other HR workshops, plus the CAL PACT computer training project, University Extension, and Information Systems and Technology offerings.
  • The "Resources and Support" page links to HR publications, personnel policies and contracts, forms and information about HR programs. Users can also link from this page to other campus web sites such as University Health Services, Financial Services, Emergency Preparedness and campus administrative documents.
  • The "Staff Affirmative Action" page includes the current campus affirmative action plan for staff, along with information about Proposition 209 and SP-2. The "Staff Internship Program" page is the source for information about applying for internships and mentoring interns, with listings of any internships currently open.

Looking Ahead

The Human Resources website team has plans, within tight resources constraints, to improve the site's offerings over the next year. Work is already underway to develop interactive forms and a search engine for the site. The current job listings will be reformatted soon to make it easier for job seekers to review openings in their specialties.

To help the campus attract talented employees, a new recruitment page under development will link to information about the campus, resources such as libraries and museums, and special reasons to work at Berkeley.

These links will help current employees as well, by consolidating information that is scattered in a variety of other web pages.

HRWEB is a resource for all Berkeley employees, and Human Resources welcomes feedback about how well the site is working and what additional materials would make it better.

Almost every page on HRWEB includes a link that allows users to "Talk Back" about the site, by sending e-mail to the Website administrator. (For questions and comments about personnel matters, campus employees should use traditional avenues of communication.)



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