Mentor a Staff Intern

Funding Proposals Are Due Nov. 14

Do you have a special project that's been percolating or a vacant position that could provide a learning opportunity for a current campus employee? The Staff Internship Program in Human Resources is soliciting proposals for funding to sponsor staff internships.

Now in its eighth year, the internship program has worked with 130 campus managers to mentor more than 90 staff interns. Interns learn from and work with mentors to complete important departmental or campus projects. Within a year after finishing their internships, 80 percent of interns are promoted or make lateral transfers to meet their career goals, allowing them to contribute to campus in roles that meet their career goals.

The staff internship program provides short-term learning opportunities to employees to develop the perspective and skills needed for career mobility.

"After eight years of successful projects and a legacy of former staff interns who have moved into positions of influence on campus, we now know that the program is one of the best ways to develop and retain our most talented employees in our campus community," says Valerie Weller, manager of the staff internship program.

The program is again seeking excellent managers and supervisors who are interested in teaching, coaching and advising interns.

"An internship is an excellent way to 'try out' a new position before committing the funds for a permanent one," says Jerlena Griffin, director of Residential and Family Living, a recent mentor. Griffin, with co-mentor and Student Conduct Office Manager Doug Zuidema, and Student Affairs Officer intern Shawn Decker, were able to establish an integrated and consistent conduct system between the residence halls and the campus conduct office.

Mentors often learn almost as much as their interns. Through the internship experience, mentors are challenged to broaden their supervision skills, learn about teaching and work styles, and gain valuable new perspective from an intern.

Laura Kim, manager of Workstation and Microcomputer Facilities, with programmer/analyst Owen McGrath, is co-mentoring administrative assistant Darlene Kawase in a new role as an entry-level programmer/analyst.

"The internship program provides me with the incentive to be creative and the opportunity to evaluate and sharpen my management and communication skills," says Kim. "The time I've invested to accomplish the project's goals and the career objectives of the intern have created a powerful learning experience for both of us."

Applications for mentors to receive funding are available from the Staff Internship Program, 643-6189, staff-internship@uclink, or

Interested in applying? Contact program analyst Chris Murchison at 642-2711 or cmurch@uclink to discuss your project.



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