Taking Note

by Fran Marsh

Joke du Jour making the vice chancellorial rounds: "Everyone agrees it is the chancellor's job to speak on behalf of the university. And it is the faculty's job to think. But what is the dean's job? To keep the faculty from speaking on behalf of the university...and to keep the chancellor from thinking."

Marketing 101: John Cash, executive director of development and campaign director, also holds a PhD in history and in his other life teaches a freshman seminar in the history department on the topic of revolution. The other day, who should turn up outside his Dwinelle classroom door but a member of the Socialist Workers' Party pedaling the group's newspaper.

Next Question, Please. Cal Parents Weekend, that popular gathering of moms and dads with sons and daughters enrolled here, features talks on topics parents need to know about, such as "College Life Today" and "How to Get Through Cal." But some in the audience had other things on their minds the weekend of Sept. 26. The first question to pop up after one of the presentations: "Where can I park on campus during football games?"

Going Once, Going Twice... Speaking of football, the next home game you attend, look for the Campanile playhouse on display outside Memorial Stadium. It'll be auctioned as part of this fall's 100th anniversary of the Big Game at the Big Auction-a fund-raiser for athletic scholarships here and at Stanford. The Cow Palace is the venue for the event, which begins at 5:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 21-Big Game eve-with a silent auction, dinner, entertainment and a live auction courtesy of Christie's.

Among other items on the block: a day on the set of the "X-Files" and a visit with its star, Gilliam Anderson; a trip to Paris to hear the Three Tenors; casting your favorite tot in a "Baby Gap" ad; throwing out the first pitch from your box for 18 at Wrigley Field; and naming a character after yourself in an upcoming Scott Turow novel. Sally Tennyson, 1-650-322-7686, has more.

Sartorially Incorrect. You wouldn't believe how one SF socialite was decked out at Tom Brokaw's reception last week. Hint: It was warm and cuddly when it was alive.

Among reception guests, movie maker Robert Wise, who tooled over from Mill Valley's film fest; former state treasurer Kathleen Brown; top Chron editor Bill German; conservative columnist Debra Saunders; Berkeley benefactor Richard Goldman, who made the Chron's recent list of wealthiest folks in the Bay Area; and local and national media names from CBS national, Lehrer News Hour and KQED. The nicest part of this is that our journalism students got to rub elbows with them all!



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