Time Off the Tenure Clock

The Revised Policy Has a Number of New Provisions

The Office of the President has issued a revised policy on time off the tenure clock (Academic Personnel Manual section 133).

The policy became effective July 1, 1997, and allows for stopping the clock more than one time for a maximum of two years.

For determining years toward the eight-year limitation of service, the combined total of any leave unrelated to academic duties and/or time off the tenure clock for childbearing/childrearing may not exceed two years.

Requests for a second year off the clock will be considered for those with children born after July 1, 1997, and who certify they have substantial care of the child. Requests for a retroactive second year off the clock for events occurring before July 1, 1997, will be considered only in the most exceptional circumstances.

In recognition of the fact that both parents often share in the care of children, eligibility criteria for time off the tenure clock have been changed from "primary" to "substantial" child-care responsibilities. This new standard applies to births and adoptions occurring after July 1, 1997.

Policy has always allowed for requests for the initial year off the clock to be made up to two years after a birth or adoption. However, faculty are encouraged to make requests at the time the event occurs, with the understanding that additional time may not be necessary.

Requests for time off the clock cannot be made in the same academic year in which an appraisal or tenure review is scheduled.



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