Developing New Products at the Haas School

Business and engineering students presented prototypes of products they developed in the course "Managing New Product Development" at a trade show in December at the Haas School of Business.

The course, which is co-taught by business professor Sara Beckman and engineering professor Alice Agogino, is part of the Management of Technology program, a joint venture between the Haas School of Business and the College of Engineering.

At the trade show, nearly 100 visitors from Haas, engineering, the campus and from industry viewed the results of students' analyzing market needs and developing product prototypes to meet those needs. Trade show visitors were able to interact with the prototypes and assess their financial viability.

Project topics included Electronic Communities: Bartering on the Web; The WristDistrict: Information and Products for Repetitive Motion Injury Sufferers; NightVent: An Energy Saving Night Cooling System; SmartPlug: Protects Small Hands from Open Outlets; Innovative Bike Lock: Deters Theft at Low Cost; Storage System: Low Cost, Modular Solution for Homeowners; Vehicle Crash Recorder: Reconstruct Events Leading to an Accident; Palm Pilot Carrying Case: A "Cool" Solution; and Palm Messenger: Extends the Function of the Palm Pilot to Receive Data.


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