Visual Anthropologist Will Share Images of Himalayas

Visual anthropologist Alison Wright, a Berkeley alumna and recipient of a Dorthea Lange Fellowship in photography, will lecture Sunday, Feb. 8, a 3 p.m. at Hearst Museum.

In her talk, Wright will share slides on her travels in the Himalayan kingdoms of Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. She will also discuss the photo-cultural tour of the Himalayan kingdoms she is organizing for museum members this fall. The journey will provide an opportunity for participants to become visual anthropologists themselves, building in-depth relationships with the people of the Himalayas while using film and video to document their unique culture.

Wright is currently collaborating with the Dalai Lama on a new book about his life. Her book "Tibetan Voices: Portrait of a Culture in Exile," to be published this year, is a companion to her 1995 exhibit at the Hearst Museum, which has officially designated one of its four galleries exclusively for exhibits of cultural photography. The "Looking at Culture" gallery builds on the long tradition of anthropological photography at Berkeley-from early collections donated by Phoebe Hearst to Alfred Kroeber's documentation of the Yahi Indian Ishi.

Wright's Feb. 8 presentation is free and open to the public. For information call 642-3681.


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