UC Initiative Sustains Berkeley Pledge

"All the campuses are thrilled with President Atkinson's announcement of his Outreach Action Plan," said Berkeley Pledge Coordinator Anita Madrid.

Through various grants, Berkeley has received $279,000 from the UC Office of the President since April 1996, Madrid said. These funds will be distributed to University-School Partnerships, recruitment activities, graduate and professional school outreach, and some selected K-12 outreach programs.

Berkeley's Interactive University is working closely with Karl S. Pister, chancellor emeritus of UC Santa Cruz, who has taken charge of UC outreach efforts. Interactive University and its partners-campus units, school districts, community groups and public libraries-have worked to make educational materials available to school children through the Internet.

"The new Outreach Action Plan from the UC Office of the President will definitely strengthen our outreach and recruitment efforts," Madrid said. "This funding will be permanent and will enhance and sustain the work already initiated by the campus through the Berkeley Pledge.

"It will also strengthen systemwide outreach efforts such as MESA, EAOP and Puente," she added. MESA stands for Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement Program; EAOP is the Early Academic Outreach Program; and the Puente Project works to increase numbers of college-bound students.


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