Funds OK'd for Staff Recruitment Strategies

by Shiree Teng, Human Resources

The Vice Chancellor Administrative Council, led by BAS Vice Chancellor Horace Mitchell, has approved a one-time, unprecedented operating budget of $53,320 to enhance outreach recruitment for staff employment.

This funding will bolster three outreach recruitment strategies: subscribing to five Internet advertising sites to post all staff job openings. (Sites under consideration are Career Mosaic, Virtual Job Fair, HispanData, Saludos and Women in Technology International); hosting two campus-wide open houses to target Hispanic/Latino/Chicano applicants and information technology professionals; and mailing job announcements to more than 500 Hispanic/Latino recruitment source lists.

These strategies will be assessed for effectiveness in reaching underutilized minorities-especially Hispanic/Latino/Chicano applicants-women and information technology professionals in filling positions and cutting the recruitment cycle time.

"This outreach funding comes at a crucial time," said Alice Gregory, director of human resources. "Unemployment numbers are at a 25-year low and talented professionals are now able to take their skills, experience and competencies to an increasing number of potential employers. Berkeley now competes with many other Bay Area employers for these employees."

The outreach funding will diversify Berkeley's recruitment by establishing an Internet presence, and devoting resources to attract Hispanic applicants, who historically have been the most underutilized campus minority. For information, contact the Staff Inreach/Outreach Recruitment Coordinator at


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