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University Announces Admissions To its Fall 2000 Freshman Class

Posted April 5, 2000

More than 8,300 students have been extended offers of admission to the university's fall 2000 freshman class.

In all, 33,192 high school students applied for admission to the fall freshman class, a record number. About one in four students, 8,343, gained admission. The admitted students come from nearly every county in the state and from a wide-range of family income levels.

"This remarkable group of students represents young people from across California and from many different backgrounds," said Chancellor Berdahl. "I have no doubt that they will enhance our university by bringing a richness of experience to our campus.

Under the admissions process, each applicant is considered based on both academic achievements and other accomplishments. And the accomplishments, whether academic or other, are evaluated within the context in which they were achieved.

"Our admissions process represents the most comprehensive evaluation we can provide," said mathematics professor Calvin Moore, chairman of the Admissions, Enrollment & Preparatory Education Committee. "Each applicant's file is read and evaluated independently by two expert evaluators. The evaluation is comprehensive and takes into account the opportunities that were available to the student."

Among the highlights of the admitted class:

•Chicano/Latino admits increased from 741 in fall 1999 to 876 for fall 2000, an increase of 135 students or 18 percent over the previous year.

•Black admits increased from 276 in fall 1999 to 301 for fall 2000, an increase of 25 students or 9 percent.

•Asian admits increased from 3,196 in fall 1999 to 3,225, an increase of 29 students or about 1.0 percent.

•White admits declined slightly from 2,871 in fall 1999 to 2,767 for fall 2000, a decrease of 104 students or 3.6 percent.

"Our admitted class shows that UC Berkeley continues to offer great opportunity to a wide variety of the state's most talented high school students," said Berdahl.

Admitted students have until May 1 to sign and return their intent-to-register letters. Campus officials anticipate fall 2000 freshman enrollment of 3,710.





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