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Students, faculty return to campus for 132nd academic year

23 August 00 | A new school year is under way, where, for most of the 31,300 students expected to enroll, classes begin Monday, Aug. 28.

Classes at the School of Law began on Monday, Aug. 21.

Expected this fall are 22,675 undergraduates and 8,625 graduate students. The freshman class, comprised of 3,759 students, has the highest number of women ever to enroll in a fall freshmen class and the highest percentage of women, 54.1 percent, to enroll during non-war time, according to Gregg Thomson, director of the Office of Student Research.

o Fees hold steady; other costs rise. Student fees for the coming school year remained steady. The $4,046 in fees, including health insurance, paid by California residents remains the same as last year. (Fees are higher for the professional schools of law and business; non-residents pay an additional $10,174 in tuition above fees charged state residents.)

But the cost of housing has gone up, just as it has for renters everywhere in the Bay Area. For students living in campus residence halls, the cost of a year at Berkeley - including fees, room, board, books and personal expenses - is estimated at $15,642, an increase of $598 over last year. For students living off-campus, the upcoming year's budget is estimated at $15,220, up $900.

o Housing demand up. The housing office was able to provide rooms to all 4,009 incoming freshmen and transfer students who sought campus housing. Campus housing facilities can accommodate 6,250 students, including those in graduate student and family housing. Plans are under way to build housing for an additional 840 students.

Students seeking housing off campus are finding a tight and expensive rental market again this year. "What's available is expensive, and there's less available than in past years - and there's more competition for it," said Sondra Jensen, director of administrative services for Housing & Dining.

A youth hostel-type operation has been set up this year to temporarily house up to 36 students, said Jensen. According to Cal Rentals, the campus's community housing listing agency, the average studio apartment in Berkeley commands $816 a month, a one-bedroom apartment goes for $1,100 a month, and a two-bedroom apartment is $1,600 a month.

o The incoming class. The freshman class of 2004 totals 3,759 students. There also are 1,575 incoming transfer students.

The ethnic breakdown of freshmen class is similar to last year's.

o Chicano/Latino students make up 9.1 percent of the class, compared to 9.3 last year.

o African-American students make up 3.9 percent, compared to 3.6 last year.

o Asian-American students make up 44.8 percent, compared to 44.9 last year.

o American Indians make up 0.3 percent, compared to 0.6 percent last year.

o White students make up 30.6 percent, compared to 31.5 last year.



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