403(b) maximum annual contribution deadline nears
Employee appeals are due October 2

20 SEPTEMBER 00 | The deadline is approaching for appealing the amount of your 2000 maximum annual contribution for the 403(b) Plan, or to elect an alternative contribution limit.

All requests, along with supporting documentation, must be received by UC Human Resources/Benefits, Operational Compliance Unit, P.O. Box 24570, Oakland, CA 94623-1570 by 5 p.m., Monday, Oct.2, 2000. Requests without supporting documentation will not be processed until the necessary information is received. Department benefits counselors can provide help with gathering the needed documentation.

Employees may obtain appeal kits and alternative contribution workbooks through bencom.fone; phone (800) 888- 8267, then press 1. It is also possible to download materials from the UC bencom Web site (

Excess 403(b) contributions

In August, a notice was sent to employees whose contributions to the 403(b) Tax-Deferred Plan exceeded their maximum annual contribution limits for the 2000 tax year. Those who received this letter should follow the instructions to obtain more information about their contribution limits and other available options.

For information on the recalculation process or alternative contribution limits, or the excess contribution process, call the Office of Human Resources' Campus Benefits Unit at 642-7053.




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