A get-well card to Chang-Lin Tien

Professor and former chancellor Chang-Lin Tien is very much in the thoughts of the entire Berkeley campus as he recovers from surgery for a brain tumor.We include here the good wishes of a handful of students, staff and colleagues of Professor Tien, sending thoughts of appreciation and hopes for a speedy recovery on behalf of the entire campus.

• Chang Lin, words can not truly express how much you are in our thoughts and prayers these days. You are such an integral part of this University's excellence, such a powerful advocate for its interests, and such a believer in Cal's potential-that you are a daily presence in any event. Now that you and your family must deal with this difficult illness, we think of you even more, and send you our best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

- Robert Berdahl

• I remember your moving reading at the very first Lunch Poems event in September 1996 in the Morrison Room when you recited a poem by an anonymous writer who scrawled the poem in Chinese on the walls of the Angel Island detention center. You related an anecdote about your own difficulties in getting into the U.S. and spoke about how some people react to obstacles by becoming even more determined. I know you will continue to recover with that same amazing determination.

- Zack Rogow
Lunch Poems coordinator
Senior Editor, Education

• Best wishes from a fan on the reference desk in the Engineering Library, where we know you spent many hours.

- Ann Jensen
Mathematics Librarian

• So many of us on the campus have drawn inspiration over the years from your great energy and leadership. We're all pulling for you to have a rapid recovery and get back to the campus and the classroom before the end of the semester. Our thoughts are with you and your family.

- Paul Gray
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

• You've been a foundation rock in the struggle for educational opportunity in California. Not just those of us who worked with you but thousands of students who benefitted from your courageous leadership hope for your early and full recovery.

- Bob Laird
Director of Undergraduate Admission and Relations with Schools, 1993-1999

• We miss your energy and enthusiasm around here... you have probably thoroughly exhausted the hospital staff by now! Please know that your students are thinking of you. (Don't worry - we are also working very hard!) Get well soon.

- Jennifer Lukes
graduate student in Professor Tien's lab

• You are the only person who can truly ignite a crowd with your stirring "Go Bears!" We miss that! You have been one of the university's best chancellors: your leadership guided us through the budget cut era while preserving Berkeley's greatness. Your commitment to diversity and your principled stands on controversial issues remain legendary. Knowing your unusual determination, tireless energy level, and deep love of Cal, we are anticipating your speedy recovery. We're all thinking of you and hoping that you are feeling better every day.

- Barbara Gross Davis
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Student Life-Educational Development

• The Golden Bears are pulling for your speedy recovery. We need our number one fan to cheer us on to victory! Go Bears!

- John Kasser
Director of Athletics

• I just feel so saddened by the news of your sudden rush to surgery for a brain tumor. You have been a cheerful inspiration for so many of us. We remember your spirited presence at football games. More importantly, we appreciate your moral leadership in the struggle for equality, rooted in the recognition of yourself as a "stranger from a different shore." Go bears, go Chang-Lin.

- Ron Takaki
Professor of Ethnic Studies

• I look forward to seeing you back at your desk again! A daily flood of get-well messages from friends, colleagues, and Cal alumni reflects just how deeply you touch people's hearts and spirits everywhere. I join everyone in Mechanical.Engineering to offer my support and warmest regards.

- Nancie Hughes
Executive Assistant to Professor Tien

• On behalf of your mechanical engineering and academic families, let me wish you the very best for your speedy recovery. We are all praying for you and eagerly awaiting your return home and to Etcheverry Hall. This must be a very difficult time for your family, and our best wishes go out to Mrs. Tien and the rest of your family. Arun Majumdar Colleague and former PhD student of Professor Tien On behalf of the staff and Board of the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, I am sending our best wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery. Thank you, Professor Tien, for your past leadership as our Chancellor, and your continuing efforts on behalf of all that Cal stands for.

- Stephen Gong
Associate Director Berkeley Art Museum/ Pacific Film Archive



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