Cottage on the move

fox cotttage

Fox Cottage will be moved around the corner, to 2350 Bowditch St., in December.

29 NOV 2000

A picturesque and historic Southside brick cottage is about to get a new address as part of the campus's development of the Underhill area.

Following the regents' approval Nov. 16 of the environmental impact report for the Underhill area projects, Capital Projects began to take up the asphalt parking lot at 2350 Bowditch St., future home of the Rose Berteaux Fox Cottage.

A designated landmark of the city of Berkeley, Fox Cottage is one of a handful of fanciful Berkeley cottages that have been described as "medieval dollhouses," "fairytale cottages" and "Bay Area Alice houses." Fox Cottage was built in 1930 by architect Carl Fox and his Fox Brothers Construction Co.

Detailing and ornamentation on the house include wavy window mullions, an uneven roof and idiosyncratically placed bricks. Together these features give the feeling of a fairytale cottage tucked in the woods.

Once the cottage is relocated around the corner from its current location at 2612 Channing St., work will begin on a new central dining facility, scheduled to open in Aug. 2002. The estimated cost for moving the cottage is $750,000.


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