06 December 00

Even in Sweden: Racisms, Racialized Spaces, and the Popular Geographical Imagination

By Allan Pred

Geography Professor Allan Pred's "Even in Sweden" documents the advent of racial discrimination in a country once regarded as a model of social justice. Quoting directly from parliamentary statements, newspaper articles, and first-hand accounts from non-Swedish residents, the book reveals an increasing ill will toward immigrants and refugees who took advantage of Sweden's lenient immigration policy years ago.

Sources tell how segregation is more evident in classrooms and residential areas, and how a falling euro currency has left immigrants vulnerable to the rising discontent of a nation whose economic prosperity had helped to maintain tolerance.

University of California Press
338 pages


Global Ethnography: Forces, Connections, and Imaginations in a Postmodern World

By Michael Burawoy, Joseph Blum, Sheba George, Zsuzsa Gille, Teresa Gowan, Lynne Haney, Maren Klawiter, Steven H. Lopez, Seán Ó Riain and Millie Thayer

One conventional approach of ethnography is to study the cultural behavior of people living within a bounded geographic location. The challenge presented by Sociology Professor Michael Burawoy in "Global Ethnography" is to do an ethnographic study on a social group distributed around the world, if such a thing can be found.

Nine Berkeley ethnographers in a dissertation group led by Burawoy take up his challenge, exploring the global dynamics that can be inferred from their individual ethnographies of subjects as varied as Irish software developers, shipyard workers, Brazilian activists and homeless recyclers.

University of California Press
394 pages







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