Underhill lot improvements under way

21 February 2001 | Beginning this week, the Channing Way entrance to the Underhill parking lot will be closed. Autos must instead enter and exit via Haste Street.

In anticipation of construction of the new Central Dining and Office Facility, the Underhill lot is undergoing limited alterations, scheduled to be completed in late spring.

These changes include the eventual closure of the Haste Street entrance and the construction of a relocated ramp entrance on Channing Way. Once the ramp is completed, the Haste Street entrance will be closed for the duration of the Central Dining project, and the new Channing Street ramp will provide the only access to the lot.

The total number of parking spaces on the Underhill lot, including stacked parking, will be reduced by approximately one-third because of construction. The alterations are not related to a proposed new parking structure for this site.

For information on parking at the Underhill lot, call 643-7701.


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