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25 April 2001 |

UC Irvine official named interim VP
UC President Richard Atkinson Tuesday named UC Irvine Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Manuel Gómez to serve as interim vice president for educational outreach.

Gómez will serve six months, after which a permanent successor will be named.

As interim vice president, Gómez will oversee a complex educational outreach effort by UC designed to prepare larger numbers of students for admission.

Gómez replaces Alex Saragoza, who resigned Tuesday after 10 months in the post.

J-School to launch biz reporting center
The Graduate School of Journalism will launch a business journalism center for aspiring and veteran business writers and editors, thanks to a three-year, $585,000 grant from Bloomberg L.P.

Starting with the fall 2001 semester, the journalism program will offer instruction on the basics of financial and economic markets along with specialized courses in reporting on personal finance, technology, international business and economics. Site visits to corporations and business publications will be an integral part of the curriculum.

As part of the business journalism center, North Gate students also will be encouraged to take classes in accounting and finance.

Students also will write for a school-based business news service that will provide stories for financial Web site and daily newspaper publications, as well as for trade journals and broadcast outlets.

First annual service awards luncheon set
The Office of Human Resources and the chancellor will hold the first campus-wide service awards celebration Sept. 21.

UC employees receive service awards for every five years of service, beginning at 10 years. This year’s luncheon will honor all employees who attain such a service milestone during 2001.

By May 15, submit the names of all employees eligible for an award between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2001 (whether or not a staff service award request form has already been submitted). Send this list to Carol Weeks in Human Resources, via e-mail at cweeks@uclink4. or via campus mail at 207 University Hall, MC 3540.

By June 15, 2001, send any forms not yet submitted for the calculation and confirmation of any 2001 awards through Dec. 31. As in the past, submit these forms to Employee Relations.


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