Special Issue: A Time for Reflection



Tears fill the eyes of two women who joined hands in prayer during the campus's moment of silence Friday, Sept. 14. Most of the campus was quiet except for the ringing of the Campanile's bells during the poignant moment.
Sean Boyd photo

20 September 2001 |

Candlelight vigils, moments of silence, impromptu gatherings and the display of our thoughts on paper were just some of the ways the campus reflected on the attack against our nation. The quotes on these pages detail some of the more moving moments of the past weekís time of reflection.

"My heart broke today, and I canít even find all the pieces."

"To Jon Enright on Floor 67, Iíll never forget you. (Every time the wind blows, I promise I will listen.) We wonít stop looking."

"Your life is ending one second at a time. Make it count."

"Violence begets violence ... Act peacefully and create your world."

"Who knows who doesnít give peace a chance? Is it us, or
is it them?"

"Letís not pray but instead talk to each other, looking to each other to solve our own problems. Especially if our Gods are different."

"Today I mourn for my beloved city and for all of its inhabitants Ö I will remain steadfast in paying respect and honoring our dead, and I will lend my hands to rebuild and restore what we have lost."

"What is the difference between the violence I do and the violence done to me? Nothing."

"My greatest struggle is between anger and peace Ö justice and human life. I want retaliation on the one hand. My nation was attacked, citizens died. But I would also like to learn from this and ensure that no more life is lost. God help us. I am afraid."

"Fiat lux once meant we here would illuminate the darkness of ignorance. Our task is not finished. The light must outshine the hatred everywhere. Fiat lux in every heart and mind."

"Wake up America, this is what life is like in the rest of the world. Ignoring what happened wonít make it go away."

"Forget about hate and retaliation. For at least a day, give time to think of those who canít go on as if today is just another day."

"An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind."

"A just society punishes the wicked no matter who they are."

"We cannot change the world by changing others. We can change the world only by changing ourselves."

"Faith is something we keep. Brotherhood is something we need. We are all to blame. And only together can we build a future."

"For the sake of our future, take the time to remember the ideals that make us human."

"As long as children are taught to hate and rejoice at the loss of human life, the world will be a dark, dark place."

"Change yourself to change the world."


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