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Cal Day: Learning and a lot of fun

19 March 2003

On Saturday, April 12, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., the campus opens its doors to give visitors from near and far a taste of what Berkeley is all about. Cal Day offers many lectures and demonstrations, providing guests the chance to learn more about discoveries made during a recent archaeological dig behind a former Cal fraternity house...or the Hayward Fault’s treacherous path through the Berkeley campus…a student-designed solar-powered car…the engineering of replacement tissues, joints, and other biological mechanisms … proposals to rebuild the World Trade Center … microscopic robots, motors, and sensors that fit on a pinhead…South Hall, the campus’s oldest building (and source of many rumors) … the biological challenges of living and working in space … how each man, woman, and child is coping with the 250 megabytes of information they receive each year … the campus’s Eucalyptus Grove, possibly the tallest stand in North America…the United States’ switch in its national-security strategy, from containment and deterrence to pre-emption…and much, much more.
For details, call 642-2294 or visit www.berkeley.edu/calday, where a complete schedule will be posted after April 1.

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