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Haas ranked No. 5 by Wall Street Journal
It's the first Top 10 ranking for an MBA program at any UC business school

28 September 2006

The Haas School of Business ranked No. 5 in this year's Wall Street Journal national ranking of full-time MBA programs, published on Sept. 20. In the ranking survey's six years of publication, this is the first time that a full-time MBA program at any UC campus has placed in the top five overall. (Haas ranked No. 7 in 2005.) The newspaper bases its rankings entirely on a survey of 4,125 corporate recruiters.

In addition to the national ranking, recruiters placed Haas at No. 11 in the international ranking, which reflects U.S. and international schools' global reach in job placement.

In a ranking by industry, recruiters from the technology, telecommunications, and Internet sectors ranked Haas No. 1. The school also placed in the top 10 in several academic disciplines: No. 2 in social responsibility, No. 3 in entrepreneurship, No. 4 in information technology, No. 9 in international business, and No. 10 in marketing. Recruiters also voted Haas the second-most-undervalued school (tied with Carnegie-Mellon University); the ninth-best for CEO material; the third-best for hiring women; the fifth-best for minorities; and the fifth-best for hiring graduates with strong ethical standards.

A note from Arnold

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, in a congratulatory note to Haas Dean Tom Campbell (who served a stint as Schwarzenegger's budget director last year), said: "I knew it was only a matter of time before the Wall Street Journal recognized your program as one of the top five in the nation. It was most interesting that the article highlighted your students' collegiality and creativity - things that Cal, and you, are widely known for."

Wall Street Journal subscribers can access the complete rankings report at www.wsj.com.

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