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Regents approve two permanent staff advisers
Program aims to strengthen inclusion of employees' views in board decisions

| 26 January 2007

The UC Regents voted last week to permanently add two UC employees as advisers to the board. The action comes amidst completion of a two-year pilot program designed to increase direct communication between UC employees and regents, and to help facilitate the inclusion of the views of staff and non-Senate academic employees in board deliberations.

Under the program, two staff and/or non-Senate academic employees are selected to participate in open sessions of certain committees of the board.

UC President Robert Dynes praised the decision: "I have been a strong proponent of the staff-adviser program since its inception, and I am very pleased that the regents have recognized the importance of including all members of the UC community in our decision-making by making these positions permanent."

The current staff adviser to the regents, David Miller, manager of client services in UCLA's communications technology services department, and staff adviser-designate Lynda Brewer, UC Irvine's assistant director for capital planning, are enthusiastic about the decision.

"With this action, the regents send a clear message to the entire university community about their commitment to UC staff and the importance of all UC employees in the ongoing success of UC," says Miller.

"The staff-adviser program is a wonderful opportunity for staff to become more involved in the decision-making of the university," said Brewer, "and I hope that employees will take advantage of the unique opportunities this program presents in the years to come."

Nominations are now open for the next staff adviser-designate, who will serve from July 2007 through June 2009. Program information and application materials will be available at www.ucop.edu/staffadvisorpgm and at each UC campus beginning Wednesday, Jan. 24. Applications will be accepted from Jan. 29 through Feb. 28.

More information about the program - including video interviews with Dynes, the regents, and other officials - is available on the staff-adviser website, found at www.universityofcalifornia.edu/staffadvisors.

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