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Career Compass responds to feedback

| 31 October 2007

The Career Compass initiatives within Human Resources are focused on the integration of job standards, performance management, and career development at Berkeley. The Career Compass team has been busy since the spring, holding open-information sessions that have reached more than 1,250 campus employees, as well as launching a new website, disseminating new performance-evaluation forms for the 2008 cycle, and publishing more than 330 separate job standards.

As the job standards are published, the campus has provided feedback - detailed in many cases - to help the team ensure that the standards accurately reflect the work that staff perform. Some of the changes made as a result are these:

. The professional category now includes five potential levels rather than four. This allows for finer distinctions among levels and matches better to the outside market. (Not all families will need all five levels.)

. Based on campus feedback, the team's priority is to publish all job standards for nonrepresented positions by the end of 2007, to provide a comprehensive picture of all the nonrepresented families. The team is piloting the mapping process in fall 2007 with professional positions in three IT families (Communication and Network Technology, IT Security, and Quality Assurance-Release Management); however, the bulk of the mapping will begin in January 2008. A mapping timeline for spring 2008 for all other nonrepresented positions will be published before the winter holidays.

. Several new families have been created as managers, staff, and the team reviewed the job standards.

If you have questions, check the FAQ on the Career Compass website (careercompass.berkeley.edu) to see if they have already been addressed. You'll also find the schedules for open sessions and workshops on both performance management and career development, and much more detailed information about the Career Compass project.

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