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Clark Kerr campus to host all-day energy roundtable
Thursday, Sept. 4, task-force meeting will address challenges facing researchers

| 03 September 2008

The National Science Board’s Task Force on Sustainable Energy will meet in Berkeley for its third and final roundtable discussion on the science and engineering challenges facing researchers in the development of sustainable energy. The task force will meet today, Thursday, Sept. 4, in an all-day session at the Clark Kerr Campus.

The discussions among researchers from academic and government laboratories, National Science Foundation (NSF) officials, and venture capitalists interested in funding alternative energy are open to the public. They will focus on science and engineering policy; the regulatory environment for sustainable-energy research; high-performance green buildings; and public awareness and appreciation of the urgent need for sustainable, alternative energy sources.

Among the scheduled speakers are Daniel Kammen, Berkeley professor of energy and resources and director of the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory; Eric Smith, UC Santa Barbara professor of political science and environment studies; Vinod Khosla, founder and partner, Khosla Ventures; Mark Levine, staff senior scientist and leader of the China Energy Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; and S. Shyam Sunder, director of the Building and Fire Research Laboratory, National Institute of Standards and Technology.

A full agenda and participant list are at www.nsf.gov/nsb/

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