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Quotes, bon mots, and noteworthy utterances from the campus and beyond

22 January 2009

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"It would be unconscionable not to curtail enrollment and I say that as someone whose daughter is a UC applicant right now."

Mary Croughan, a professor at UCSF and faculty representative to the UC Regents, speaking at the Jan. 14 regents' meeting in support of UC President Yudof's proposal to curtail student enrollment during the 2009-10 budget year because of the state's failure to provide sufficient funding for enrollment growth.

"It should be the very last thing we do, and then so reluctantly that we can barely bring ourselves to vote for it."

UC Regent Eddie Island, at the same meeting, speaking against the curtailment proposal. The regents voted in favor of the proposal shortly thereafter.

"Those who want to yell, go yell at Sacramento."

Board of Regents Chair Richard Blum, at the Jan. 14 regents' meeting, pointing out to protesters on hand to advocate for increased staff salaries that the university's budget compact with the governor and Legislature, whereby the state guarantees to support increased enrollment each budget year, has not been abided by.

"The enjoyment of spending other people's money cannot be minimized."

Professor of History Erich Gruen, reflecting on a year spent as "Villa Professor" at the Getty Villa Museum in Malibu.
The Friends of Cal History Newsletter
, 2008.

"We don't have to just accept what nature gives us."

Professor of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering Jay Keasling, commenting on the freedom to innovate enjoyed by researchers in synthetic biology.
Newsweek, Jan. 5

"We're getting tired of Cal being a football school. It's time for us to step up and do some things."

Cal point guard Jerome Randle, commenting after the Bears' 88-85 triple-overtime basketball win over the Washington Huskies on Jan. 10.
San Francisco Chronicle, Jan. 11

"This is for your daughters. This is for the future of America."

Mary Ann Mason, co-director of the Berkeley Law Center of Health, Economic and Family Security, in an open letter to President-elect Obama urging him to adopt several specific family-friendly policies to benefit women in academe.
Chronicle of Higher Education
, Dec. 17

"Suddenly you can hold your head up and be a Nuke."

Professor of Nuclear Engineering Edward Morse, commenting on a recent upsurge of academic interest in that energy source.
Berkeley Scientific Journal, 2009

"We have a lot of demands."

Unidentified tree-sitter at People's Park, prior to descending from one of two structurally weak acacia trees scheduled to be removed for safety reasons. Two protesters briefly occupied one of the trees before descending.
Berkeley Daily Planet, Jan. 7

"In any other context, this would not be news."

Campus director of community relations Irene Hegarty, commenting on the brief acacia tree-sit.