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"Well said!"

Quotes, bon mots, and noteworthy utterances from the campus and beyond

12 February 2009

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"It's a lot more fun to campaign than it is to govern."

Professor of Political Science Jack Citrin, on the "moral of the story" he says is dawning on President Obama as he fights congressional opponents of his stimulus plan.
San Francisco Chronicle, Feb. 8

"This is the economic equivalent of war."

Professor of Economics Barry Eichengreen, on the prospect that partisan wrangling over President Obama's stimulus proposal will delay action on needed legislation to reform the banking system.
San Francisco Chronicle, Feb. 10

"We are responsible first for ourselves and our families, not for fixing the economy."

Adjunct Professor of Economics Martha Olney, arguing that individuals and families need to make sensible economic choices whether or not those decisions do much, if anything, to help the national economy.
San Francisco Chronicle, Feb. 8

"These are bedrock jobs that can't be outsourced."

Professor of Resource Economics David Roland-Holst, noting that Californians who save money on energy, thanks to the state's policies encouraging energy efficiency, "spend it outside the carbon supply chain, on local goods and services."
Rolling Stone, Feb. 19

"There's nothing broken about the book as a form. It still works."

Professor of Linguistics Geoffrey Nunberg, on whether's innovative Kindle spells "the end of the book as we know it."
Boston Globe, Feb. 10

"Is this old thing still around?"

Nutritional Sciences lecturer Joanne Ikeda, asked to comment on the Atkins Diet as part of an editorial roundup of "trendy New Year's diets." Continued Ikeda: "If it worked, obesity would no longer be a problem in this country, since a good percentage of the population has tried it."
ABC News, Jan. 5