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Pictures (and more) from two exhibitions

Darwiniana and the City Beautiful Movement on display

| 27 August 2009

Darwin at Bancroft and beyond

Gould's finchesGould's finches

Nine campus museums and libraries contributed items to a new exhibition commemorating the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin (right) and the 150th anniversary of On the Origin of Species. Combining rare Darwiniana; fossil, flora, and fauna specimens; and a display of rare illustrated books on natural history and travel, the exhibit traces the development of Darwin’s thought, follows him on board the Beagle, and looks at changes in the public view of evolution since the publication of Origin. The exhibit, in the Bancroft Library Gallery, closes Dec. 23; visit Bancroft Library for hours and details.

Visions of change through urban planning

Envisioning the Embarcadero FreewayThe Embarcadero freeway

The City Beautiful movement of the late 19th century aimed to employ urban design and architecture as tools for the promotion of civic virtue and public order. But by mid-century, when UC Berkeley’s Vernon DeMars imagined a central freeway along San Francisco’s Embarcadero (left), the movement had lost its impetus … though DeMars’ concept reflected City Beautiful’s tenet of bringing order to the city through large-scale plans. The College of Environmental Design's "Planning the City Beautiful" exhibit, on view in 210 Wurster, is open until Sept. 15.