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More than two dozen junior faculty receive Hellman Family awards

| 02 October 2009

Twenty-six assistant professors whose research shows the promise of great distinction have been named winners of the campus's Hellman Family Faculty Fund Awards for 2009-10.

Plan ahead
A call for applications for awards from the Hellman Family Faculty Fund is issued annually. For information on the 2009-10 awards cycle, applications for which are due March 9, 2010, visit

Established in 1995 by Warren and Patricia Christina Hellman, the fund helps ensure that important research by junior faculty receives needed support. Scholars in the physical and life sciences, engineering, the arts, humanities, and social sciences are eligible for the award. Recipients are selected principally because of the quality of their proposed research, with a maximum award amount of $50,000.

The winners for 2009-10, and the research projects funded, are:

Alon Elad< Alon Elad, electrical engineering and computer science: Nano-electro-mechanical Integrated-circuit Design and Technology.

Leonardo Arriola, political science: Power-sharing in Africa: Explaining Bargaining Outcomes After Disputed Elections.

Diana Bautista, molecular and cell biology: Molecular and Cellular Mechanism of Mammalian Touch and Pain.

Charles Blanton, English: The Dialectical Poetics of Late Modernism, Aftereffects: Late British Style.

Rauri Bowie, integrative biology: Novel Approaches for Combining Climate Modeling With Genetic Data: a Case Study With Which to Test the Evolutionary Importance of Stability.

Mary Cavanaugh, social welfare: The Dialectical Psychoeducational Workshop for Males at Risk for IPV.

Melinda Chen, gender and women's studies: Leaded Bodies as Toxic Assets: National and Corporeal Security in Notions of Toxicity.

Lu Chen< Lu Chen, optometry: Development of New Therapies for Corneal Inflammation and Transplantation.

James Davies, music: Romantic Neuro-science in Musical Performance, 1800-1845.

Nicholas de Monchaux< Nicholas de Monchaux, architecture: Local Code: Toward Place-Based Intelligence in Prefabricated Design.

Karen Feldman, German: "The Importance of the Means": Language and Style in Kant.

Karsten Gronert, optometry: Harnessing Endogenous Protective Circuit to Preserve Vision.

Maria Gutierrez, architecture: Building Environmental Control: Thin-film Integration of Hydrosensors and Thermo-electrical/photovoltaic Coating Technologies for Higher- Energy Efficiency Envelopes.

Amy Herr, bioengineering: Development of a Non-invasive Diagnostic Test for Renal Disease (Nephropathy).

Robert Kaufman, comparative literature: Modernism After Postmodernism? Robert Duncan and the Future-Present of American Poetry.

Nicole King< Nicole King, molecular and cell biology: Insights into Animal Origins by Comparative Genomics of Sponges.

Han Lim< Han Lim, integrative biology: Jamming the Small RNA Signals Required for Bacterial Survival and Infection.

Tania Lombrozo, psychology: Empirical Investigations of Explanation and Inference.

Ana Maria Martinho, Spanish and Portuguese: Culture, Media, and Politics in Angola.

Amani Nuru-Jeter< Amani Nuru-Jeter, public health: The Psychological Effects of Racism Stress Among Black Women of Childbearing Age.

Celine Pallud, environmental science, policy, and management: The Future of the Salton Sea: Coupling Transport and Biogeochemical Processes Affecting Selenium Mobility.

Beth Piatote< Beth Piatote, Native American studies/ethnic Studies: Indigenous Literacies.

Chelsea Specht< Chelsea Specht, plant and microbial biology: The Evolution of Adaptive Floral Morphology in an Ecologically Important Group of Tropical Monocots (Zingiberales).

Chenxi Tang, German: Imagining World Order: International Law and Literature From the Renais¬sance to the 19th Century.

Cihan Tugal, sociology: Piety Faces of the Mammon and the Pharoah: Islamicization as an Associational Response to the Market and the State?.

Evan Variano< Evan Variano, civil and environmental engineering: Developing 3D Imaging and Velocimery for Coastal and Riverine Sediment Motion.