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News Briefs

| 05 October 2009

Call in the feds?

In a Washington Post opinion piece last weekend, Chancellor Robert Birgeneau and Vice Chancellor Frank Yeary proposed a federal/state support system for top public universities. Read it at

A Senate nod to UCLA's Young

UCLA Chancellor Emeritus Charles E. Young will receive the 2009 Clark Kerr Medal for Distinguished Leadership in Higher Education, the highest award given by the UC Berkeley Academic Senate. Young was chancellor at UCLA from 1968 to 1997.

The Berkeley Senate created the Kerr award in 1968 as a tribute to the leadership and legacy of UC's President Emeritus. It will be presented to Young later this year at a Berkeley campus dinner.

Garamendi is elected to receive

Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi, a three-year letterman for the Golden Bears from 1963-65, has been chosen as the 2009 recipient of the Glenn T. Seaborg Award. He will receive it this Saturday, Oct. 3, during the Cal vs. USC game at Memorial Stadium.

The award, named after the former Berkeley chancellor and 1959 Nobelist in chemistry, is presented annually to a former Cal football player for his career accomplishments; it is bestowed by Calís football alumni association, the Sons of California.

Academic calendar for Spring 2010 announced

The Spring 2010 academic calendar has been announced by Vice Provost Catherine Koshland. It maintains the five-day "RRR" week established last fall, which provides a week of "reading, recitation, and review" for students seeking to synthesize the semester's materials; eliminates Saturday exams; eliminates conflicts between scheduling of final exams and commencement ceremonies; and equalizes the number of days of formal class instruction in the spring and fall semesters. It also sets dates for the beginning and end of instruction, final-exam periods, and more. The calendar is available at

Bear Pantry effort to feed students' families

The Bear Pantry at Berkeley is a new, donor-driven emergency food source for students with dependent children.

The pantry is stocked with identical parcels, each containing a two-week supply of nonperishable food (staples plus grocery gift cards for dairy and fresh produce) for a family of three. The plan is to provide 50 such packages per semester, beginning in mid-October, at distribution points located on campus and at the campus housing complexes for student families.

To learn more about the Bear Pantry or to make a donation of money or a gift card, visit