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UC Berkeley Press Release

UC Berkeley releases final fall 2004 enrollment data

– University of California, Berkeley, officials today (Thursday, Dec. 2) released final enrollment figures for the fall 2004 semester. The total campus population, including all graduate and undergraduate students, is about 32,800.

The data show that women continue to be in the majority -- 54 percent -- among undergraduate students, the same as last year. Men continue to comprise 54 percent of the graduate student population.

Among the new freshman class, total enrollment remained steady with 3,671 students enrolled compared to 3,652 in fall 2003. As projected, final enrollment figures show a notable drop in the number of enrolled African American students -- 108 this fall compared to 149 in fall 2003 -- as well as a smaller decline among Chicano/Latino students. All other ethnic groups posted enrollment gains.

For more detailed data, see the Fall 2004 enrollment charts posted online.

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