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What, no iPods? Students share what's on their holiday wish lists

– Yes, we know. Christmas, Chanukah, and Kwanzaa are about a lot more than gifts. But inspired by last week's Berkeleyan poll of faculty and staff, we asked nine students what they'd like to unwrap this season.

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 'This will sound really weird: a KitchenAid mixer. I'm really into baking and cooking and I have this hand mixer from the '80s that's falling apart. But I don't think I'll get it: they're really expensive, and my parents probably have other plans for me.'
-Brittany Howlett, second-year English major. Hometown: Pismo Beach, CA.
 'I'd like an Xbox 360. Mostly, I just want this semester to be over so I can relax and sit on the couch and sleep all day. I haven't been sleeping very much because of finals. When I'm caught up, I'll play the Xbox.'
-Job Espero, third-year civil engineering major. Hometown: Pittsburg, CA.

 'Clothes. I can never get enough clothes, especially warm ones. I need some ski clothes. I'm a big fan of wristbands - I collect them - so I'm hoping for some new ones. If I could ask for something intangible, I'd want good grades.'
-Brian Chio, third-year mechanical engineering major. Hometown: San Pablo, CA.
 'A Kodak EasyShare C340 digital camera. I'm tired of using those disposable cameras from Target or Wal-Mart. I'm the only one of my friends still pulling out the one where you have to click and wind, click and wind. '
-Tymika Morrison, fourth-year American Studies major. Hometown: Long Beach, CA.

 'I want to go to Mexico to see my family and friends, and party a little. But that's not going to happen. Because of when my finals are, I won't be able to get a ride down there. So I guess I want some new clothes.'
-Lucila Barron, third-year social welfare major. Hometown: Los Angeles, CA.
 'I want the Master Replicas Star Wars FX lightsaber. It's the best one on the market, with an actual metal grip. I want it to just to be a big kid - to swing it around and take pictures with it. I'm getting it even if I have to buy it myself.'
-Justin Maniadakis, fourth-year economics major. Hometown: North Hollywood, CA.

 'Other than the econometrics textbook? A new backpack. Something cheap: I don't like getting expensive stuff because I break it or lose it. Cheap is better. I'd also like not to keep getting sick.'
-Daniel Egel, second-year economics Ph.D. student. Hometown: LaGrange, IL.
 'There's nothing in particular I want, so cash. Probably to buy clothes.'
-Shila Manandhar, first-year integrative biology major. Hometown: San Mateo, CA.

 'I have itchy feet, so a nice round-the-world ticket, starting in Asia and going on to Africa and the Middle East. Hey, you asked what I wanted, not what I could afford. Realistically, I'd like a new bicycle, something good for commuting to school and for exercising, like a mountain bike.'
-Pete Schurmann, third-year Asian Studies major. Hometown: San Francisco, CA.

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